Black & Gold has been the gist that keeps giving.

Fena has been doing her thing over the past couple of weeks with the Fenamenal Black & Gold sessions. The sessions have been hosted on her YouTube channel ever since she celebrated her birthday with Jameson in April. Each of the five episodes shared have offered great content that included conversations with music industry key players. Kato Change, guitarist Tugi Mlamba, Xenia Manasseh, MTM Thuo, Jedi Keys Bigman Chucho, Maandy Kaabaya, and Vallerie Muthoni and were all guests on the show. At the end of each episode, viewers got to enjoy amazing live music from the musicians

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Last night, at around midnight, Fena announced that she had just dropped a new EP. It is called the Black & Gold EP and features five tracks from the Black & Gold sessions. Perhaps the most popular track off the EP would be from the last session of B&G; P*ssy Power featuring Mandy Kaabaya and Vallerie Muthoni.

The EP is streaming on all major platforms. Be sure to check it out.


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