The Sondeka awards celebrate artists in a personal way.

The 4th edition of the Sondeka awards is here, and it is bigger and better. Since 2018, the awards have been a way of acknowledging the successes within the creative community. not only siccesses that make noisy jingles but theat which is underrepresented Sondeka The awards give fans the chance to vote for East African artists they think are amazing. “Not who your radio station or weekend magazine says you should love but the musicians, poets, visual artists and other creatives who you think deserve to have their work recognised”.

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AS usual, the 2021 awards are open to citizens of the the three East African countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The categories for the awards are: Experimental DJ Sets, Contemporary Art, Online Content Creators, Digital Art, Disruptive Music Video, Experimental Music, Live Bands, Online Radio, Podcasts, Poetry, Short Stories, and Spoken Word. If you are a creative and think you stand a winning chance, make your submissions here.

Note that the only submissions being accepted are those that have been created between April 2020 and April 2021.


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